Come To Grips With Your Structured Settlement By Selling At Profitable Rates, Get A Financial Package Designed To Your Needs

It’s estimated that 1.5 million children in America become homeless every year. Life can be a painful journey for children who grow up without the care of their parents or loving guardians. A vast majority of orphaned and street-born children find themselves seized within the jaws of unending suffering, poverty and low quality life. Lucky ones get enlisted in child welfare organizations or government-supported foster care homes. Nevertheless, this does not amount to lottery success as these children still encounter forthcoming life challenges. Professionals obligated to rear a child under foster care can turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing and inflict personal injury. Victims of severe child abuse and other forms of harm can file a lawsuit for compensation.

Catherine Fraser was placed under the care of foster parents since she was 10 years of age. Although her mother was resourceful and caring, her father was abusive and violent toward her. On discovery by the authority, she was transferred to another foster home. Later on, a keen attorney who was handling her matter brought criminal prosecution against the father alongside a civil claim for compensation. Vicarious liability was found on the foster father and government; her attorney settled the claim against the two defendants for $1,098,000. In a bid to act in her best interest, the lawyer mapped out a structured settlement to provide a future income stream for over 30 years ($36600 per year). As it happens in the heady days of youth, Fraser left school as a teenager and got married and now has two under age toddlers. After getting her first annuity cash outs, life unleashed excruciating money woes on the family. She spots a TV ad aired for StoneStreet Capital, a structured settlement purchasing company offering lump sum cash for annuities. In full steam she contacted the company to sell her structured settlement annuities.

Immediate Call Backs- How to Sell a Structured Settlement

When Fraser was patched through to the chief consultant of StoneStreet Capital over the phone, all things became seamless. The company informed a delighted couple they would receive a lump sum in cash. All she was needed to do was to execute and sign a handful documents, be briefed by an attorney and appear for a split second in court for approval. The contract disclosed the net value she would receive with all processing fees subtracted. She was able to cash in on her immediate a large pile of bucks. The visions of a new home, car, pre-paid bills and everything dancing in her head turned into reality in less than six months.

Legal Formalities Fraser Had to Comply Before Selling the Structured Settlement Annuities

To mollify the rigors of an express process, StoneStreet Capital asked her to seek independent financial or legal advice on the transaction. Fraser sought the legal opinion of an attorney and accountant who advised her to proceed with the sale. Three weeks later, Fraser appeared in court with StoneStreet Capital’s attorney to request for approvals of the sale agreement, pursuant to state legislation. Her testimony revealed she and her husband had a fusillade of bills, lived in abject poverty and needed cash for a down payment to get a roof over their heads and educate their children.

No Need For Structured Settlement Controls as Cash Outs Can Place Annuitants Along A New Path

After identifying a true and tested structured settlement buying company, Fraser was able to access quick and painless cash at conscionable discount rates. With her lump sum, she brought long-haul financial security within the grasp of her poverty-stricken family. She got the golden chance to resolve all her financial troubles, down-paid a mortgage for a new home, sent her children to a good school and bought a new car for reliable transportation of her booming family.

Most Favored Brands and Best Structured Settlement Companies

StoneStreet Capital is based in Maryland and has 25 years of expertise in the structured settlement business. The company assumed its role as Fraser’s representative; court booked her application quickly and placed all paperwork before the judge and disbursed her money in a flash.

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